7 Ways to Save Money for a Massage

Here are your tips for saving money for a massage:

  1. Find something where you can put your savings in. (Like a jar, box, glass, etc.) When you get home from work or at the end of the day, it is of a little amount and effort to put at least three to five dollars in your savings. You don’t have to count it. Just do it on a regular basis and at the end of every month, the little amount you set aside everyday is more than enough to reward your body with a relaxing and stress-relieving massage.
  2. Watch movies at home instead of going to the movie theater. If you want to watch a movie just to unwind or spend time with family and friends, you can enjoy a moment of fun at home watching a flick without spending a lot.  Rent out a movie and make homemade popcorn.  Before watching a movie, you can also have dinner with friends at home which is more fun and far cheaper than dining out. Watching a movie in a theater is a good way to relax, but having a good massage from all these savings means for the well-being.
  3. I drive with gas efficiency in mind. Even in a simple driving detail, there is still a way for a cost cut. Slow driving and slow acceleration equals to lower gas consumption. If nobody’s in a hurry, it wouldn’t hurt taking time watching and appreciating street view. This act doesn’t require much effort but the money you can spare from this can give you a calming self treat at the end of the week.
  4. I use a points or a cash back based credit card that gives me the best return for my spending. When accepting payment by credit card, merchants pay a percentage of the transaction price in commission to their merchant services provider. Many credit card issuers, share the commission with the card holder by giving the card holder points or a monetary amount. So choosing cash back based credit card will make you save unconsciously, eventually making you able to give yourself a gift of massage.
  5. Occasionally buy generic, or non-name brand merchandise. There are certain merchandises that doesn’t really need brands in order to function their purpose. Notebooks, erasers, pajamas, pants, etc. Using non-name brands will not do you any harm; the same way as using branded products won’t give extraordinary effect on you. This simple budget cut can give you big savings that you can use in treating yourself with a comforting massage after long days of tiresome work.
  6. Look critically at how you spend and save your money. When you think you’re going beyond your limits in spending money, or when you realized that you began to decrease the amount of money you save daily, think of this, there are many things that you can live without, sacrificing some luxury can help you save a lot. A little discipline on your spending can make you save more than enough to treat yourself with a massage.
  7. Save money by taking your lunch to work every day! Taking your lunch to work has double benefits. Aside from getting to eat delicious home cooked food, you get to save a lot of money too. Imagine earning for yourself the profit you could be giving to fast foods and pantries. That little effort can eventually make you save so much more than what it costs for a soothing massage.

More ways to save money for a massage:

I hope you take advantage of these resources and you treat yourself to a massage!


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