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I’m passionate for Yoga since I lived in Brazil. The reason I chose Body Mind College was because they have Yoga as part of the support work for the therapist.

I always wanted to be a Yoga teacher, but I’m not flexible at all. I can’t even touch my toes when I do a forward bend. When I met my teacher and mentor, Kat Green, she was putting together her 200 hour teacher certification on Viniyoga, I told her that it was my dream, but not with the body I had.  I wasn’t flexible and had a very kyphotic upper back, but for my joy, she told me that Viniyoga is a style that fits any body type, that it would be perfect to help my back and my posture. I did the training and when I finished my posture was visibly better, and I was even an inch taller. I felt more open and freer with my body.

My point to share this story with you is that yoga can help your body in many ways.  With exercises for back pain, exercises for low back pain, for hips and knees, exercises that will integrate your spine and your breath, for an overall more healthy body. Also, Yoga plays a big part in all the others dimensions, mentally, emotionally, energetically, you will experience a more relaxed mind, a better quality of energy vibration, and a better awareness about what’s happening with your own body.


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